RSNO Prom with the Ayoub Sisters

Wed 12 Jun: 7:00pm

A fantastic and informal feast of symphonic music for the summer.

The Young'uns: The Ballad of Johnny Longstaff

Thu 23 May: 8:00pm

‘The Ballad Of Johnny Longstaff’ is a timely tale of a boy who walked out of poverty, a teenager who stood up to racism, a soldier who fought fascism and an old man who inspired a new generation, all brought to life by the haunting sounds of The Young'uns.

Horrible Histories

Fri 24 May: 4:30pm - Fri 24 May: 7:00pm

We all want to meet people from history. The trouble is everyone is dead!

Russian Philharmonic (of Novosibirsk)

Sat 25 May: 7:30pm

One of the greatest Russian regional orchestras, which has toured extensively throughout Europe and the rest of the world, comes to Perth to perform a programme of great Russian music with Sergey Redkin (piano).

Elephant Sessions

Fri 31 May: 8:00pm

Elephant Sessions have exploded onto the celtic scene and are one of the most thrilling live acts around in any genre.