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Massenet: Thérèse

Thérèse Justina Gringyte
Armand de Clerval Shengzhi Ren
André Thorel Dingle Yandell
Morel Dan Shelvey
City Official & Officer Colin Murray
Officer Andrew Henley

Orchestra of Scottish Opera
Anu Tali, conductor
Roxana Haines, director

Jules Massenet’s sumptuous opera sits against the backdrop of the French Revolution and Robespierre’s infamous Reign of Terror. Massenet’s soaring, sweeping melodic lines heighten emotions that are, despite the melodrama of the setting, rooted in the complications of very human relationships.

Thérèse finds herself at a crossroad. She is caught between her husband, a revolutionary representative, and her former lover, a deposed nobleman and her husband’s close friend. As the three are drawn inextricably together, revolutionary fervour rises, and Thérèse’s affairs of the heart become matters of life and death.

This is a superb chance to experience this gem of the Late Romantic repertoire.

£36, £34, £32, £28; concessions £34, £32, £30, £26 (inc £2.50 booking fee per ticket); students/Young Scot/Under 26 £6

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Scottish Opera - Massenet's Thérèse Book now
Sat 10 Sep: 7:30pm
Gannochy Trust Auditorium