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A week of exploring how drama and music can work together to tell stories. Using a range of different texts - from plays, to poems, to song lyrics, and even bits of your own writing - you will work alongside a professional drama artist and musician to find exciting ways that performance, our voices and music can all be used to together.

You might be interested in performing or writing or directing or singing or playing music. You don't need to have experience in music-making or in acting to take part; everyone is welcome and we'll work to your interests.

This will be a fun, creative and joyful addition to your summer.

Workshops run from Monday 11 - Friday 15 July, 10am - 4pm (including 1 hour break for lunch).

Price: £65
Bursary Price: £1*

*We want to make our workshops accessible to everyone, so we are offering a bursary price of £1 to anyone who may not be able to pay the full price. If you would like to pay something other than the full price or the bursary price, or would like to ‘pay it forward’ and support another young person to attend our workshops at the bursary rate, you can pay what you can by selecting your preferred option and adding a donation amount of your choice later in the payment process. We depend on donations - big and small - to continue to offer a wide variety of creative projects for our communities.

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Mon 11 Jul: 10:00am
Joan Knight Studio