Transform Perth Theatre

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What were we doing? 

Perth's beautiful B-listed theatre was being preserved and developed.

In consultation with our audiences, local communities and partners, and in collaboration with award-winning Richard Murphy Architects, we breathed new life into Perth Theatre. We now have both the necessary capacity and inspirational environment to deliver our vision for the future; excellence and innovation in the performing arts in Scotland.

Edwardian Auditorium

Perth Theatre's historic B-listed, Edwardian auditorium has been restored to its former glory. The upper circle, an area of seating often referred to as 'the gods' reinstated. We've improved seating, sightlines, ventilation, lighting and put in new equipment to ensure that both visitors and performers enjoy the high quality creative experiences they rightly deserve.

Studio Theatre

A new 200-seat capacity, courtyard-style studio theatre will be built to meet the demand for staging small to mid-scale performances including drama productions, music events, comedy gigs, children's workshops, storytelling for young families, local community performances and many more!


Perth Theatre is now more welcoming and more accessible than ever before. For the first time there is level access to Perth Theatre's foyer, Box Office, auditorium, creative learning spaces and café, bar and restaurant from our new Mill Street entrance. The lift allows ease of access to all other levels. The High Street entrance, complete with iconic arch, has been retained ensuring Perth Theatre's presence on the busy shopping street remains and offers shoppers a direct route into the building.

Creative Learning

The new extension will provide a number of spaces for our creative learning activities and a home for Perth Youth Theatre. These flexible spaces will to allow us to run an even more inclusive and expanded, year-round community, education and outreach programme for people of all ages and from all walks of life.           


Who helped us?

Project contractors, Robertson Construction Tayside were tasked with the construction of the brand new outside extension, and inside the auditorium, restoration works were carried out by expert contractors.

Who benefits?

Young people, schools and families. Artists and the wider arts community, audiences and visitors to Perthshire and many more! New ground floor access allows people with disabilities, health conditions and the elderly to feel more at home in Perth Theatre.

What makes Perth Theatre truly special is the people!


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