Perth Theatre is bringing the magic of Christmas to families this year with The Cinnamon Sisters, a co-production with Dirliebane Theatre Company.

Rachel Colles and Fiona Ferrier, the co-Artistic Directors of Dirliebane Theatre, specialise in comedy theatre for children and young people, with a particular focus on theatre clown. They are also the stars of The Cinnamon Sisters playing Auntie Susan and Auntie Delilah who both love Christmas very much.

Decorating Day is their special day. This is the day they put up their Christmas tree and Christmas can truly begin once everything is perfect. However, Auntie Susan likes Christmas neat and organised and Auntie Delilah likes Christmas chaotic and sparkly. Auntie Susan loves sprouts and Auntie Delilah loves baubles. How will they create the perfect Christmas?

Working closely with two local nurseries, Rachel and Fiona have been finding out just what Christmas means to our little ones. Filled with song, dance, and festive anticipation this will be a fun, musical, Christmas delight for the under 5s and their families.

Come and join Auntie Susan and Auntie Delilah for Decorating Day!

Fiona Ferrier, who was part of Bounce, a performance tailored to primary children exploring emotions and resilience shown at Perth Theatre in October talked about returning this December with The Cinnamon Sisters, saying:

“The Christmas show is really exciting for us. As women in our 40s, we decided that we would be Aunties. As physical clown theatre performers, we thought that Aunties would be a great way to connect with the children (your Auntie always comes over at Christmas) and we’d be able to add comedy and humour to our relationship. Rachel and I can’t wait to share the show with families at this special time of year.”

The Cinnamon Sisters is in Perth Theatre from Friday 17 December until Friday 24 December. For tickets and info for The Cinnamon Sisters click here, call the Ticketing Team on 01738 621031 or visit Perth Theatre Box Office between 10am and 4pm Monday to Friday.

Monday 6 December 2021