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Son of the Chief - man wearing a hat standing in front of a bright coloured background

1.30pm - Son Of The Chief

Born and raised in Perth, but now based in London, Mackie Mackintosh is Son Of The Chief, as well as one third of power-pop combo Aerial. His debut solo album Needless Road features some excellent songwriting and is one of the very best Americana records of the year so far.



Martha L Healy - young woman looking to the ground and smiling 

2.30pm - Martha L Healy

Inspired by Sheryl Crow, Carol King, Dolly Parton and Patsy Cline, Glasgow songwriter Martha mixes old-time country with modern influences to great effect.

Lucas & King - two people sitting side by side

3.30pm - Lucas & King

Lucas & King are two massively talented musicians who pull influences from 60's pop, blues and country roots flavours to create a completely captivating and utterly unique sound.


Wesley Randolph Eader - Man with long hair looking at the camera without smiling 

4.30pm - Wesley Randolph Eader

Wesley Randolph Eader's music enbraces a broad range of American roots music including country ballads, bluegrass stompers, talking blues and old time gospel camp tunes.

The Grahams - Man and woman sitting opposite each other on a train, Man is holding a guitar.

5.30pm - The Grahams

The Grahams are true troubadours, always itching for the next ride out of town, guitars and whiskey in tow to explore and be inspired by the wide open spaces of America and the people they encounter.

 Free, non ticketed. 

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Sun 29 Jul: 1:00pm