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For P1-P7 (ages 5-12)

We have an exciting line up of artists running a series of Masterclasses for young people during the Easter holidays.

Each artist will run a workshop based on their own Manifesto for the Arts. What is important to them about art? What should we be thinking about when we make art? Why bother making art at all?

All workshops will be fun, interactive and practical explorations of these ideas.

PYT members will then be invited to use what they have learnt in these Masterclasses to create their own Manifesto for the Arts, which will inform the work we do with PYT over the next three years.

All Masterclasses are FREE to take part in.

This Masterclass, called An unexpected way to be an Artist is led by Snap-Elastic and wants to know 'Are you interested in making theatre but don’t know where to start? We don’t know either but one thing is certain - the answer is always off the map... Join Snap-Elastic to find out how they light the fuse, choose the right people to join their heist, and explode that great idea!

Snap-Elastic, a collective of international artists, clowns, youtube personas, swimmers, musicians, tea drinkers, drag kings and competitive four-square players, based in Scotland. Snap Elastic believe theatre should feel like a celebration, as special as a wedding day or a wake or a 6th birthday. Theatre is meant to be a celebration of life – the lows and the highs - the day-to-day slog, the companionship, the anxiety, excitement and anticipation.

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Once payment has been taken an enrolment form must be completed. The participant(s) will not be allowed to take part in the project until the enrolment form has been completed. Complete enrolment form here.

Please also take a moment to read our Code of Conduct.

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Fri 16 Apr: 10:00am
Online Venue