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Schubert’s C Major Quintet as you have never heard it!

ZRI present Schubert's String Quintet in C, reimagined to sound as radical as when it was first written. Bursting with gypsy and Hungarian themes, it is here rescored to include clarinet, santouri (cymbalom) and accordion and interleaved with traditional tunes. ZRI stands for 'Zum Roten Igel', the name of the major concert venue in Vienna in Schubert's time but also of the tavern just behind it where bands played and composers caroused into the night; at one point Schubert even lived next door. His fluid embrace of folk tradition in this much-loved work is brought out in this exciting version, reflecting the daring and profound qualities of the piece itself.

Schubert recognised the height of his own romantic aspirations in the see-saw between virtuoso abandon and deep pathos of gypsy music, and also the alienation and defiance that it represented. Our performance is a attempt to go through the looking glass to present the much-loved String Quintet in the full glory of its radicalism and originality.

Tickets: advance (until 12 noon on the day) £10; concessions £9
After 12 noon on day of concert: £11; no concessions
Add soup and a sandwich for just £4 (book until 11am on the day)

18 and under FREE (under 16s to be accompanied by an adult)

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