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Talkfest Perth Presents
Lips That Touch Liquor
By Lesley Wilson

Set in Scotland at the beginning of the 20th century, Lips That Touch Liquor is a tale of love, loss and sacrifice and tells the story of one woman's determination to improve the lot of her family and those around her. Challenging the alcohol trade head on, Isabella Tudhope joins the Temperance Movement and fights to shut down the local bars that 'pick the pockets ae the men afore they get hame'. She dreams of a better life in America 'whaur the land is free and the air that fresh' but she soon comes into conflict with more than the local barmaid.

The script development and open rehearsal will be led by Peter Arnott with a company of professional actors. A limited number of tickets are available to observe the script development in the afternoon and see what happens behind the scenes in the creation of a new play.

Lesley Wilson worked for many years as a social worker and counsellor before she began writing for theatre in 2008. She lives in Perthshire and, in addition to playwriting, works as a writer in a local care home and supports artists to explore what supports and sabotages creativity. Theatre credits include Wired; In Her Own Words; A Woman, A Crown, A Giant and A Field.

A limited number of free tickets are available to attend the script development in the afternoon.

Please note this event will now take place in the Joan Knight Studio, Perth Theatre instead of the Rehearsal Room.

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