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Is This a Fairytale? A new play by Bea Webster.

For ages 8-12.

Are you sick of the same old fairy tales? Don’t want to be a princess rescued from a tower, nor a knight in shining armour who saves the day? Then join us as we create a new play that rips apart traditional fairy tales and turns them on their head in a surprising, inventive and unconventional way.

Over 11 weeks we will design, rehearse and perform our production of the play. These workshops will be led by a drama artist and scenic artist and will involve a mixture of acting and visual art to create the final performance. You can be interested in both of these things or just one of them; or you might be interested in directing, film-making, or music making. All of these things will come in handy!

Workshops will take place online over Zoom; and we will be working towards creating a filmed performance of the play.

Is This a Fairytale? by Bea Webster is part of Positive Stories for Negative Times by Wonder Fools in association with Traverse Theatre.

Workshops run from Monday 11 January - Monday 22 March: 6 - 7.30pm.

Cost £38

Bursaries are available. Please get in touch with

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Mon 11 Jan: 6:00pm
Online Venue