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Written and performed by pianist and storyteller Will Pickvance, First Piano on the Moon premiered at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2019 to an enthusiastic audience and critical response.

This show is now a LIVE online experience you can access from your own home via the video platform Zoom! Half-man half-piano, Will combines storytelling and musical madness in this rollercoaster show about Mozart, music and the mooooon!

This is the story of a boy who daydreams of playing in front of a big live audience. When his dream comes true he should be excited, but he worries that maybe the whole world will discover the truth – he can’t really play the piano, he can only mess around and make people laugh.

Mozart’s music is mingled and mangled in this rambunctious show which features an unlikely birthday invitation, a frantic chase through Salzburg, and the appearance of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart himself. What can Will glean from the Master?

Age guidance: 7+

Approx running time: 40min plus a 10min post-show chat

£5 per device

*For school’s pricing and availability contact

Image Illustration: Tim Vincent-Smith

How it Works
The show takes place in the Zoom videoconferencing app, which you should install and test at least an hour before the show. Or why not install it now and test it with family or friends? Download Zoom

If you already have Zoom installed please check that it’s up to date. Check for updates

For the best experience of the show use a laptop or desktop computer, and make sure the sound is on. Tablets or phones with the Zoom app can be used but the bigger the screen, the better the experience.

If you're unable to install Zoom you can join the show in a web browser. We strongly recommend Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome. These are both available for free:
Mozilla Firefox
Google Chrome

One week before your show we’ll send you a reminder email about getting set up.

On the day of the performance you will be sent an email with a Zoom link 30 minutes before the show starts. Click on this link a little while before the show starts.

During the show
If you’re happy to keep your camera on, then the performer can see you - and you can participate in the show but if you’d prefer to turn it off that’s just fine. From time to time we’ll ask you to unmute your mic so you can join in if you like or just keep silent if you’d rather not.

While nothing's quite like being in the theatre in person, on Zoom with your camera on you can experience the next best thing, interacting with the performer, applauding (we hope) and waving at your fellow audience members. You might even be able to spot other people you know in the audience! It's quite alright to turn your camera off, but with it on you'll feel more involved, more a part of the audience, our audience - and in either case we look forward to welcoming you to the show.

Other Info
First Piano on the Moon Book now
Sat 27 Feb: 11:00am
Online 2
First Piano on the Moon Book now
Sat 27 Feb: 2:30pm
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