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With May Your Kindness Remain, Americana singer-songwriter Courtney Marie Andrews has released one of the albums of the year.

Courtney Marie Andrews spent over nine months of 2017 on the road, with multiple trips across the US, Canada, Europe, Australia and New Zealand. She’s been touring relentlessly since leaving her Arizona hometown at 16 and it’s a life that inspired much of her 2016 breakthrough album, Honest Life.

While that record’s themes spoke to the isolation and rootlessness inherent in a life spent largely away from home, most of its songs were actually written during an intentional, extended break. The success that followed its release, however, didn’t afford her the same break to write the material for her outstanding new album, May Your Kindness Remain.

Although it was predominately written on tour, it’s not a road record like its predecessor. That is, it’s not so much inspired by her life on the road so much as it is by the people she’s met along the way. It's full of vivid depictions of complex people and places with all too common struggles. Much of the album deals with the psychological and relational impact of the unrealistic picture of success that is so embedded in modern American culture and has already been hailed as one of the year’s best.

Support from Jeffrey Martin

Jeffrey Martin is interested in the stories we can tell in songs. He freely admits to only learning guitar well-enough to sing to it and has always been much more interested in the lyrics than the notes.

One Go around, his latest release with Fluff and Gravy Records, is a heavy and gritty telling of stories that feel especially poignant amidst the turmoil of recent times. Gregory Alan Isakov called it, 'Another brilliant record from one of the best writers out there-- beautiful, brutal, and honest.'

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