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Youth Arts Festival 2018

Perth Youth Theatre S3-4 present


verb: blossom; 3rd person present: blossoms; past tense: blossomed; past participle: blossomed; gerund or present participle: blossoming

1. (of a tree or bush) produce flowers or masses of flowers.

'a garden in which roses blossom'

synonyms: flower, bloom, floweret; More blossoming, inflorescence, florescence, efflorescence

'the trees stood flushed with pink blossoms

bloom, flower, be in flower, come into flower/blossom, open (out), burgeon, bud, sprout, mature, burst forth, unfold

'the snowdrops have blossomed a month early'

in flower, flowering, blossoming, blooming, in (full) bloom, open, out

'the cherry trees are out in blossom'

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their friendship blossomed intoromance'

synonyms: develop, grow, mature, progress, evolve, burst forth, come to fruition; More flourish, thrive, get on well, prosper, succeed, be successful, make headway, bloom, burgeon; informalgo great guns

'the idea has now blossomed into a successful business'

antonyms: fade, fail

It's going to be a show about them, for them and one hell of a journey for the audience. Its going to be loud, out there, messy, brave, opinion filled, crazy and most of all honest.

Max 6 tickets per customer

£6; concessions £4

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