Perth Theatre - Research, Record and Reveal

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Image of Perth Theatre entrance canopy (Perth High Street)

Running in tandem with the refurbishment and redevelopment of Perth Theatre, the Perth Theatre – Research, Record and Reveal project encourages the community to engage with the history and heritage of Perth Theatre. Through a range of initiatives, with volunteers, community groups and schools, we will research in the theatre archives, record oral histories from community members and reveal our findings in a variety of ways including an exhibition at Perth Museum and Gallery. Keep an eye on this page for more information on upcoming events, and opportunities for you to get involved.

Perth Theatre Memory Collective

The Perth Theatre Memory Collective was a volunteer programme for anyone 16+ with an interest in theatre and a curious mind! From people who have their own memories of Perth Theatre to those studying theatre or history, the collective was open to all levels of expertise. 


Perth Theatre Discoveries 

Join the Perth Theatre Memory Collective and special guests to hear about the interesting discoveries they have made while researching in the Perth Theatre archive, as well as an update on the Perth Theatre building works. (Free but ticketed)


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You can find a potted history of Perth Theatre on our wikipedia page: (please be aware we regularly update and add more information to our wikipedia page)

Our Memory Collective volunteers are busy researching in the Perth Theatre Archive which is held at the AK Bell Library in Perth. If you are interested in the Perth Theatre archive you can view the online catalogue here: or pop into the archive in person.

The Scottish Theatre Archive and National Library of Scotland also hold some information on Perth Theatre, you can view their online catalogues here:


There are a number of books about/that mention Perth Theatre, including:

The Theatre in Perth: A Souvenir History
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Perth Theatre 1935-1985
Lang, C G & Knight, J. 1985. Perth Repertory Theatre Company
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