Theatre Testimonials

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Parents, young people and famous faces around the world share what Perth Theatre means to them...

"Perth Theatre was very important to me … it was a place you wanted to get to, like home, a great big family … I have the fondest memories."
Una McLean, actor

"I made some of my most enduring relationships there and developed a skill for improvising that has served me well. I gained freedom from the shackles of home that I never had before ... I became open to new experiences and laughed at myself. I also developed a thick skin and fell in love, as I think we nearly all did. What's happened to us there - boys and girls - was profound, and often profoundly funny. We didn't know who we would become, but few of us had doubts that we would become something."
Rhod Sharp, BBC Radio Five Live presenter and Perth Youth Theatre alumnus

"I just wanted to say thank you to Melissa’s tutors for their enthusiasm, encouragement and for making the lessons so enjoyable. Melissa has thoroughly enjoyed her classes and taking part in the Youth Festival. She was lucky enough to also be in the children's cast of Reproduction too and loved working with everyone involved. I have watched Melissa's confidence grow over the year and she is looking forward to coming back to classes next year."
Angela Shepherd, Perth Youth Theatre parent

"I joined Perth Youth Theatre when I was seven years old. I love it because it is really good fun! We play cool games, make up scenes in groups, and pretend to be different characters. I want to be an actor, singer and dancer when I’m older, and I enjoy when we get to perform onstage. The best thing this year was becoming a young ambassador for Perth Youth Theatre. I had to give a speech to my group, and I was really happy when they voted for me."
Melissa Shepherd, 10-year old Perth Youth Theatre ambassador

"My very first memories of theatre belong to my visits to Perth Theatre. I vividly remember the magic of the giant’s boots during pantomime Jack and the Beanstalk. The Caretaker by Harold Pinter moved me so much I could hardly speak afterwards, I felt completely elevated. Then, when I was 16 I was given a walk-on part by Joan Knight in A Passage to India and became part of the stage crew for 6 months."
Ewan McGregor, actor, Transform Perth Theatre ambassador and Perth Youth Theatre alumnus

"From my first experience of theatre to having the privilege of treading its boards as a professional actor, Perth Theatre truly means everything to me. It fostered my love of theatre and is the sole reason that I am now an actor. So many happy memories and wonderful shows to recall..."
Colin McCredie, actor and Perth Youth Theatre alumnus