Barrie Hunter’s Dame Jackie Alltrades is joined by daughter Sinbad, son Finn Lad and young nature-lover Greta on a journey to save the Tayside beavers, with all the usual high spirited high-jinks along the way in this year’s family panto in Perth Theatre!

And, as Barrie Hunter, who is combining Dame duties with writing and directing Sinbad points out; set, costume and even jokes are being recycled as rehearsals get underway! He said:

“We wanted to highlight the importance of recycling, reusing and repurposing, and have done this in elements of the set and costumes, and I’ve most definitely done so in the script - I’ve been recycling the same Trumpet Tree joke for the last 8 years!!”

Designer Becky Minto, who also designed last year’s Perth Theatre panto Snow White and the Seven Dames, is fully on board with the recycling idea. She said:

“With the support of the brilliant creative workshop and wardrobe team, we have repurposed and recycled from last year’s panto where we could. We are using the on stage proscenium arches from last year, but have given them a 2019 makeover, and have been having fun rummaging through our stores, finding all sorts of forgotten theatrical bits and bobs, and bringing them back to have another life on stage. Our wardrobe department have been having a great time too, digging out some costumes from pantos past, and working their magic on them, giving them a Sinbad-themed look and feel.”

And the panto team is asking the people of Perth to hand in their rinsed out clear, blue or green plastic bottles of 2L size and smaller to Perth Theatre Box Office to play a starring role on the Sinbad set!

Click here for tickets and info for Sinbad in Perth Theatre from Friday 29 November until Saturday 4 January or call Horsecross Arts Box Office on 01738 621031. Sinbad is supported by Thorntons Solicitors.

Monday 18 November