Video game icon Pac-Man is ‘at large’ in Perth Concert Hall in the latest art exhibition launched on Monday 10 February.

Created by Scottish artist Theresa Pickles, Pac-Man at Large is a multiple channel video, wall and lights installation which runs in the venue’s Threshold artspace from Monday 10 February until Saturday 17 May.

Inspired by the classic video game, the exhibition takes over the artspace blending foreboding local landscapes with the iconic design of the 1980’s game.

Theresa Pickles who created Pac-Man at Large exclusively for the various sites of the Threshold artspace said:

“When we walk through landscapes we listen to music through headphones, capture images on our cameras, talk on our phones. Pac-Man at Large comments on the changing face of urban landscapes, increasing industrialisation and the impact of digital media on the world around us. Pac-Man crosses landscapes with his digital media dots always in attendance until they explode in a clamour of digital noise on the wall of the exhibition space.

Iliyana Nedkova, creative director for contemporary art for Horsecross Arts who curated the exhibition said:

“Pac-Man is often credited with being a landmark in video game history. Fast forward to 2014 and Theresa Pickles employs this iconic game as a metaphor and a license for playful creativity while commenting on the tradition of landscape art - one of the most enduring (and endearing) genres of art. Using the time-based media of photography, artist’s film and single or multiple screen video installations Theresa challenges our perceptions of art, games and landscape”

Pac-Man at Large is open to the public to view any time Perth Concert Hall is open. Organised Art Tours take place at 2pm after Lunchtime Concerts on Monday 3 March, Monday 24 March, Monday 31 March and Monday 21 April. To arrange a private tour contact Iliyana Nedkova on