We Are Tiger

S1-6 Schools Writing Workshops

March 2022

To accompany Perth Theatre’s production of I Am Tiger we are offering workshops to secondary school pupils exploring how to write for internal and external voices.  

What are the things you say to yourself that you would never dare to say out loud? 

How can writing help our mental health? 

Each workshop will be facilitated by a professional writer and will take place in school (or online, subject to Covid guidelines).  

The workshop will be available free of charge to all schools and will come with a discount when booking tickets to see I Am Tiger  

I Am Tiger, by Oliver Emanuel, tells the story of Laura. A week after her brother’s suicide, her parents buy her a pet tiger.  

Inspired by two facts – that the number one killer of men in the UK under 40 is suicide, and that there are now more tigers kept as pets than live in the wild – this is a drama for ages 12+ about how to survive when the worst has happened. 


Like there are words for a million things but not for this. 

Sad heartbroken lost hurt angry silenced despairing alone. 

But they don’t. 

None of them. 

I can’t. 

There needs to be a new language. 

Of feeling. 

Of hurt. 

I need a new language. 

I need to learn how to speak Tiger. 


contact hblakeman@horsecross.co.uk for more information.  


I Am Tiger has been developed and supported by Imaginate’s Accelerator programme. Accelerator is supported by the PLACE programme, funded by the Scottish Government (through Creative Scotland), the City of Edinburgh Council and the Edinburgh Festivals.