Touring primary schools 13 September – 30 November 2021. Suitable for P3-P5.

We are supporting Dirliebane Theatre Company tour Bounce this Autumn. Bounce is a comedy show about emotions. Dirliebane will spend two days with each school performing, leading workshops and creating bespoke engagement for ASN children within the school.  

What is Bounce?  
Sally and Destiny embark on their biggest challenge yet – The Marshmallow Challenge! Can they resist eating one marshmallow to then be rewarded with two marshmallows? The temptation is great, the emotions are plentiful, and the laughs are loud.  

Bounce is a theatre show that was developed with children from four primary schools in 2019. Together the artists and children explored emotions, what they looked and sounded like, which ones they felt the most at school and what to do if emotions felt too big. These explorations resulted in the creation of a funny performance about emotions that is truly tailor made for primary aged children.  

Like everyone, children have had to deal with big changes over the last year and Bounce helps them to explore and express how they feel in a fun and creative way.  

“I felt the children speaking through your script” 
“Was excellent. Made me laugh and think. Was totally engaged.” 
“Really liked how it was using imagination to deal with a feeling or a particular emotion – imagine a better feeling – then you feel it.” 
Feedback from our development period

(You may have seen the Bounce – Challenge Enthusiasts films which were created for schools in 2020. Sally and Destiny’s challenges explore emotions and are accompanied by resources on our website. The live tour is the same characters but different content - they complement each other.)  

When is the tour?  
Bookings are now open for our Autumn Tour from 13 September to 30 November 2021.  
The tour is 10 weeks, visiting one school per week.  

Each booking is for 2 days direct delivery from Dirliebane. This includes:  
• 2 -3 performances of Bounce
• Workshops exploring emotions using drama-based games and activities 
• Materials for classroom engagement before and after the delivery days supported by Teacher’s activity packs focusing on Emotional Literacy 
• Bespoke engagement with children with ASN within your school eg: smaller groups or delivering small sections of the show, online engagement, meeting the characters in advance all facilitated through advance discussion with the teachers around what suits their pupils best. We have extensive experience of working with children with ASN and aim to make our work as accessible as possible, whether to support children with ASN enjoying the performances and workshops alongside their peers or make it possible for them to engage in a different way.  

The full cost to the school for a Bounce booking is £400.  

Dirliebane will work closely with schools to comply with all COVID-19 Guidance and can pivot their work to be delivered inside, outside or digitally.  They will continue to work closely with schools to comply with all up-to-date guidance in delivering the Autumn tour.

Currently they are visiting 1 school a week to ensure COVID-19 safety and will continue this in the Autumn, which means only 10 schools can be visited. Please do get in touch soon if you would like to book. In these uncertain times this would be a provisional booking with payment on delivery.  

If you would like more information, contact Fiona at Dirliebane Theatre Company or 07745804539. 

This project has been created with support from The Gannochy Trust, The William Syson Foundation, The Garfield Weston Foundation and The Ponton House Trust.