Southern Fried was far and above the best festival I’ve ever played anywhere. It kicked 100 percent total ass – we LOVED it!
Rachel Harrington


a world-class festival
Andy Fairweather Low


my favourite gig of the entire UK tour! I love Scotland!!
Lucinda Williams


no lie, Steve feels it was all around one of the best gigs he’s ever done. Everything, venue, crowd, sound, atmosphere, etc... all spot on. You guys did a great job up there and Steve hopes you all enjoyed it as much as he did
Seasick Steve's manager

Southern Fried Festival 2018

Thu 26 - Sun 29 Jul

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Perth Concert Hall

Southern Fried Voices

Sun 1 Jul: 11:00am

Southern Fried Festival 2018

Would you like the chance to sing at a main stage gig during this year's Southern Fried Festival?