Perth Theatre at Horsecross Arts, presents - Miss Julie

It is the mid-1920s, Scotland, and the General Strike is in full swing. On a stifling Midsummer's evening - while the protest explodes into dancing outside - Miss Julie, the Laird's daughter, and John, the Laird's manservant, reach out to each other. Set alight by the promise of revolution escalating outside, the pair grasp at the possibility of a different life until only one desperate choice remains.

To support your pupils’ engagement with Miss Julie, Director Shilpa T-Hyland will be sharing her process in our blog. Including videos and pictures from development sessions, early stage designs and regular vlogs from Shilpa, our Director’s digital diary   will give you and your pupils an insight into all aspects of taking a play from page to stage, through the eyes of the director. 

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