Previous projects have included

ANIMALS is a show about... animals. Big ones, little ones, wild ones, tame ones.

It’s also a show about us, and our emotions. Using real and imagined stories collected from 6 year-olds, join us as we interweave live music, dance and film into a celebration of our unique relationship with animals.

Age guidance: 6+ (or anyone who has ever seen an ANIMAL!)

  •  information sheet which highlights how Animals links to the primary curriculum.
  •  A post-show resource for teachers
  •  A visual story pack will be available for pupils with additional needs.

 Baba Yaga  

Vaselina lives the quiet life, safely tucked away on the third floor of a very tall apartment block eating noodles (not spicy) and polishing her beloved spoon collection.

But all that changes when she is forced to confront the terrifying Baba Yaga who plays her music far too loudly and eats jelly babies with her mouth open. Who is this mysterious neighbour? Will she ever turn the music down? And what exactly is she planning for dinner?

Age guidance: 7+

Post-Show Discussions  

Following each of the day-time shows the Baba Yaga cast will hold a 15-minute Q&A session giving your pupils the opportunity to ask them questions about the show.