Watching Neruda (dir Pablo Larrain, Cert 15, 2017, 105 min) on the big screen at Norie Miller Studio at Perth Concert Hall tonight? Then pair it with a FREE viewing before or after of the artist's film Where Will the Stars Live (2007, 6 min) by the New York-based Swiss artist Katja Loher – showing on a loop at our Mezzanine Screen at Threshold artspace, Perth Concert Hall. With a poem from the Book of Questions by the Chilean writer and senator Pablo Neruda at its core this environmental artist’s film plays with our sense of movement, colour, sound and shape. We proudly commissioned and acquired this poetic screen dance in 2007 as part of Katja Loher's first show in Scotland at Threshold artspace and lovingly restored her film in 2017 to include it in our WOMEN exhibition. Stay tuned as we reveal our plans for bringing new commissions and acquisitions by Katja Loher to Threshold artspace.