Glenlandia (2006)
A portfolio of four limited edition inkjet prints on archival matte paper
£50 each or £150 for a set of four

The quartet includes:
Glenlandia 26 May 2006, 05:18am (Spring)
Glenlandia 6 July 2006, 18:34pm (Summer)
Glenlandia 2 November 2005, 17:58pm (Autumn)
Glenlandia 31 December 2005, 23:02pm (Winter)

A historical lexicon of painted pastoral scenes and contemporary digital media combine in the four seasons ‘woven’ pixel-by-pixel using a webcam and specially devised software. Slowing down the webcam transmission to a minimum (one pixel per second) results in the compression of a 24 hour period into a single image: the black band visible in each indicates night. Seasonal variations can be traced through the amount of daylight present in each scene. The subtle interaction between weather, nature and man is unfolding by the lakeside of Loch Fascally near Pitlochry.

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