Labanotation (2009)
£50 each or £150 for a set of 4
A portfolio of 4 limited edition prints on paper accompanied by a Glossary

Labanotation of the duets between human and rock. Usually deployed to notate dance, labanotation captures movement on the page so that it can be shared in all parts of the world and with future generations. The artists employ this universal dance language with a tongue-in-cheek attitude to further emphasise the performative nature of the rock climbers’ sport. Each print indicates a particular boulder in each of the four highland locations and scores the ‘dance routines’ of the individual climbers. The specially commissioned Labanotation in these prints was scored by Gwen Goodman and transcribed by Louise Tanoto.

Accompanied by Crux (2009) a single-channel video art installation by KATRINA MCPHERSON + SIMON FILDES also part of the Horsecross Arts collection of contemporary art.

Dance Notation Basics