28 Jul 2017

Jon MacKenzie + GD Sweeney & The Undercover Cowboys

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Jon Mackenzie

Jon Mackenzie is a singer and guitarist from Perth who makes his hometown debut as a solo artist tonight. He previously played guitar in much-loved Scottish rock’n’roll band The Holy Ghosts, but following their dissolution he has focussed on creating a new sound. Jon describes it as “Cosmic Country Music” and it combines psychedelic and folk elements along with finger-style guitar, trippy pedal steel, upright bass and beautiful west coast harmonies.


GD Sweeney & The Undercover Cowboys

Heralding from a culture of storytelling and a rich musical heritage, London based G D Sweeney has combined his love of bluegrass, folk melodies and classic country sounds with his Irish roots. His new-traditional style is the backdrop to the intriguing narratives and characters in his songs, often delivered with a wry comic twist


The Twa Tams, 79 Scott Street, Perth

Fri 28 Jul: 9pm

Free entry


  • 28 Jul9:00pm

Venue: Twa Tams