26 Jul 2017 to 29 Jul 2017

Flats & Sharps + Angaleena Presley

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Hailing from Cornwall, Flats and Sharps blur the lines between bluegrass, folk and country, gaining recognition for performing their own highly original songs as well as their renditions of bluegrass classics. These five incredible young musicians honed their skills in 350 live performances over nearly five years charming and wowing audiences along the way.


An authentic new country voice from Beauty, Kentucky, Angaleena Presley has been around the block and pulls no punches.

If Cat on a Hot Tin Roof/Butterfield 8-era Elizabeth Taylor and David Lynch had a baby, and Wanda Jackson was her babysitter, the result would be Angaleena Presley. Strong as jalapeno juice, capable of standing down a twister and a drunk redneck on a tilt, she maintains a reverence for songs, unvarnished truth, be who you are dignity and a brazen sense of 'oh, yeah'.

With her new record Wrangled, the ebony-haired songwriter from Beauty, Kentucky ups the bar on her critically acclaimed American Middle Class by sharpening her focus, widening her range and finding metaphors and doppelgangers for feminism, the music business and the unseen underclass who're just trying to get by.

'Presley's vocal and lyrical touch are exceptional' The Observer


age 14+

Individual tickets £12.50; concessions £10; weekend pass-holders £10 (inc £1.50 booking fee per ticket)

Part of Southern Fried Festival 2017

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Venue: Salutation Hotel